3 Ways to Fix Aero Transparency in Windows 7

The Aero feature in Windows 7 is an awesome new feature, You may run into no transparency problems, where Aero Transparency is enabled but transparency isn’t working

  1. Right-click an empty area on the the desktop and select Personalize.
  2. Try clicking on the Windows 7 default theme.

Solution #2

  1. Right-click an empty area on the the desktop and select Personalize.
  2. Now in the Personalization window underneath the Aero Themes, click on the link Troubleshoot problems with transparency and other Aero effects. Note: This link is only present when there is  problems with Aero.
  3. In the next window click the Advances link and make sure and check the box next to Apply repairs automatically.So if it finds a problem it can be fixed  automatically.
  4. Windows begins looking for what is causing the problem with the display.
  5. Here you should see the transparency fixed automatically and now shows what the problem was. if it doesn’t fix the problem proceed to Solution 3.

Solution #3

  1. Type services.msc into the search box on the Start menu and press Enter.
  2. Scroll down until you see Desktop Window Manager Session Manager and right-click and choose Stop…after it stops, right-click and restart it. After it restarts, transparency should be back and then close out of Services.

Video Tutorial:


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  1. Rob Weemhoff says:

    Solution #3 worked, thank you.