4 Ways to Fix This Connection is Untrusted – Firefox

This post will demonstrate 3 different methods to “fix this connection is untrusted” in mozilla Firefox browser.

Time and Date

1. Click on the time and date on the task bar located on the far right and click on “change date and time settings” link.


2. Next, click on Change date and time button.


3. Make sure that the date and time is correct and click on ok to save and re-fresh current page.


Disable Proxy

1. Make sure to disable proxy if enabled by clicking on the burger icon then options from the dropdown.


2. Then go to advanced, Network tab, and Settings.


3. Here make sure No proxy is selected and click on OK.


Delete Cert8

1. Click on the burger icon then click on the little question mark from the drop down.


2. Navigate to “Trouble shooting information


3. Now click on “Show Folder” button to the right of profile folder.


4. Finally, locate and delete Cert8, re-load the webpage and everything should work fine.


Video Tutorial:


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