Disable Drop Shadows Windows 11

I don’t know why the windows drop shadows in Windows 11 are huge making it difficult to view the window behind it. Many users do not like this new visual effect and would like to get rid of windows shadows. Thankfully, it is easy to do so.

Today I will show you an easy method to disable drop shadow in Windows 11. If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 11 you can disable drop shadows Windows 10

Disable Drop Shadows Windows 11

Click on Start / Search and Type control panel in the search box. Click on Control Panel from the search results.

Under Control Panel click on “System and Security.”

In the “System and Security” select “System.”


on the right, Click the “Advanced system settings” link.

From here, go to “Advanced tab” under “Performance” click the “Settings button.”

Select “Visual Effects tab” Find and uncheckShow shadows under windows” and click Apply and OK. The drop shadows will be removed.


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