5 Applications that I would like to see built into Windows

Today I share with you 5 applications or functions that I would like to see integrated into Windows.

Currently, Windows users are distributed between 3 operating systems: the faithful to XP, Vista is encouraged, and those already made the move to Windows 7.

VLC. Windows Media Player has come a long way in recent times, but definitely I would like to be as versatile as VLC. Even if it is a minimalist player, VLC plays a lot of audio and video formats without devouring system resources. is one of the first applications to install, always.

Revo Uninstaller. This is crucial for those of us like to try new programs. Install and uninstall applications all the time can leave your hard drive full of files and folders you no longer need. And the nature of Windows uninstaller is simply not as good as Revo Uninstaller, which is responsible for uninstalling programs, to thoroughly review the registry for entries that have been left unturned, and files and folders that are no longer needed.

CCleaner. Following the above line, one disadvantage of Windows is the ease with which accumulate “junk” files on the system. And while it would be ideal if the OS directly solve this problem, a good integrated wiper is an excellent compromise. My favorite for this is CCleaner, which helps us to delete all temporary files, cookies and company, as well as fix the registry for a faster and smoother operation.

Launchy. This no doubt will be more useful for users of XP, although Vista rods and 7 also could use them to learn from it. Launchy is one of my favorite applications, which facilitates the execution of programs, tasks, folders, files, web pages (and many other options, as the plug-ins you installed), use that with Alt + Space and typing what we need. It is very intuitive and helps us gain time.

7Zip. While Windows already comes with a modest (very modest) support for compressed files, I think it’s great to see integrated into the system a repertoire as broad as 7zip, powerful but lightweight at the same time.

Honorable mention: Dropbox and Syncplicity. I could not myself and I had to put these options. I do not consider to be fundamental for an operating system, but have clients that allow us to keep our teams in sync, across different platforms, and leaving a backup in the cloud is something that becomes increasingly necessary. If our operating systems should come with this default, we will certainly make things easier. I know that the favorite of many is Dropbox, although personally I prefer Syncplicity, allowing us to work with folders.

What do you think? Would you like to see these functions or applications built on Windows? What else would you add?

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