5 Mac OS X applications should integrate

Like any operating system, Mac OS X comes bundled with applications, and others we know along the way, and so useful that we use may not be the same without them.

Growl. It is a notification system that is known for being easy to use and practical at the same time.

Dropbox. Unlike iDisk, Dropbox allows us to synchronize our files across different operating systems, since it has versions for Windows and Linux, which is necessary on many occasions. In addition, we can create shared folders, and as a bonus, seamlessly integrates with Growl and AppCleaner.

AppCleaner. Although Leopard uninstall a program does not cost us more to drag the application to the trash, sometimes we leave behind files and libraries associated with the application. AppCleaner allows an application uninstall cleanly, leaving no trace that can slow down your system.

Parallels. While Leopard Apple invites many Windows users to test their equipment including Bootcamp (which lets you install Windows on a Mac partition), the operating system would go a step further and provide virtualization of Windows directly from Mac OS X. That is precisely what allows so “Coherence” Parallels.

Google Quick Search Box. As an alternative with more features to Spotlight, but simpler and with a lower learning curve than Quicksilver.

Mac users What do you think? Would you like to see these integrated applications to Leopard? What other suggestions?

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