Activate iCloud Private Relay on iPhone, iPad, or iPod

With recent Apple software updates, it’s obvious and impressive the effort Apple is putting into ensuring its users’ privacy. In the iOS 15 and iPad iOS, Apple has introduced the iCloud private relay, which is part of the iCloud+ subscription package.

The iCloud private relay is a recent internet privacy service that ensures that all web searches, connection, and traffic is encrypted. It is designed to ensure users have an excellent browsing experience while ensuring privacy. That is, all web traffic from your device is secured and private – websites, third parties, and even Apple will not have access to your IP address, browsing activities, or location.

We could use a little more online privacy, especially considering the high rate of cyber crimes and identity theft. Here’s how you can activate this feature on your device.

First, navigate your Home Screen and launch the Settings App on your device.

Then, tap your name (Apple ID) at the top and select iCloud.

Next, tap Private Relay (Beta) and toggle the Private Relay ( Beta ) switch to activate.

When you activate this option, a new option will appear – IP Address Location; tap it.

Then, select from the options.

  • Maintain general location – This allows websites to send you information based on your local area or location. It provides websites with a rough estimation of your location but not your exact location.
  • Use country and time zone – This helps websites or search engines send or provide you with information based on your country and time zone.

How to Activate Private Relay ( Beta) for a Specific Cellular or WiFi Network

The private relay feature works similarly to a VPN and can be activated for specific cellular or WiFi networks. Here’s how

For Cellular Networks

First, launch your device’s Settings App.

Then tap Cellular and select Cellular Data Options.

Next, toggle the Private Relay Switch to turn it on.

For WiFi

Open Settings on your device

Next, tap WiFi

Then, activate your WiFi by toggling the WiFi switch.

Next, search for your preferred network and tap the information icon (i) beside it.

Then, toggle the iCloud Private Relay Switch to activate it.

Note: The iCloud privacy relay only applies to Safari and is unavailable in certain countries. It isn’t available in China, Egypt, Uganda, South Africa, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines.

Ori Otokpa

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