Activate Voice Control on Your iPhone or iPad

Technology is continually evolving daily. Everyday, it gets better and easier to use. The voice control on iPhones and iPads is one of the proofs of the increased ease that accompanies the technology evolution.

With the iPhone and iPad voice control feature, accessibility and ease of use has never been better. Those who prefer to work hands-free or have limited mobility benefit most from this feature.

If you are yet to explore this feature or don’t know how to activate it, this guide will be useful. So, keep reading!

Activating Voice Control on your iPhone or iPad: Step-by-step Guide

Before attempting this, ensure that you have the iOS 14 or iPad OS 14. This feature is only available on these software updates and the later ones.

To activate the voice control option, Tap the Settings icon on your Home Screen.

Next, scroll down and select Accessibility. Then, under Physical and Motor, tap Voice Control.

Select the “Set Up Voice Control” option, then tap Continue. You can change the language by tapping “English (United States)” beneath Continue.

After this, a “What Can I Say Screen” will pop up, Tap on “Done” to finalize the process.

this, a blue icon containing a microphone should be beside the clock at the upper left corner of the screen.

There you have it! Upon completing this process, you can use short voice commands like ” Open Gmail,” “Swipe left,” etc, to dictate, perform gestures, and more.

You can also make custom commands to suit your needs.

Ori Otokpa

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