Add Google map in to Your WordPress Website Without a Plugin

A Google map is a very reliable visual tool that can be customized to suit your business model.  A map may be used to showcase the location of a store to prospective clients. Moreover, a map is essential for certain websites such as location directories and review websites.

In this step by step tutorial, I will show you how to manually set up and configure Google maps on your WordPress website.


1. A working WordPress website. (You should have backend access)

2. Any theme installed.

3. Internet access.

NOTE: You will not need any additional plugin to follow along with this tutorial.

Open your browser and go to Type the location of your choice in the search bar at the top left corner. The resulting map will appear on the right part of the screen.

Click on the menu button located in the immediate left of the search bar.

The panel that appears contains different customizable options. You can choose between satellite, map and terrain view. You can also select optional information to include on your map like traffic routes. All the changes made are instantly updated on your map.

Once you are satisfied with all your configurations, click the ‘share or embed map’ button located at the bottom.

You now need to click on the ’embed a map’ tab at the top of the model that appears. You can now view a preview of how the map will look like on your website.

You can adjust the size of the map to your preference using the drop-down button above the map. Copy the HTML code above the map for the next step.

Login to your WordPress website dashboard. Hover over the ‘pages’ tab on the left panel and add a new page.

Give the new page a title of your choice. Ensure that the text area is in the ‘text’ rather than ‘visual’ because we want to paste the raw code.

Paste the previously copied code into the text area as shown above. Publish the page and preview the changes on your page.

Abdelrahman Reda

Abdelrahman Reda is a Motivated Support Engineer with 6+ years of corporate and consumer support experience. His experience related to administration of Network, NOC support, computers and anti-virus server, data entry, networking sites, remote support.

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