How to Add/Update Payment Method on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Whether you need to update, change or add a payment method on your iPhone, the process is pretty easy. You can add your debit card, credit card, or even your PayPal account; It’s all a matter of preference. However, note that the payment methods available to you depend on your region.

Below are the steps to take to Add or Update a payment method.

Update a Payment Method on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Go to Settings, then tap your Apple ID name at the top of your screen.

Next, select “Payment & Shipping.”

Afterward, you will be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID; Do it.

Then, you can add or update your payment method on the newly loaded page.

To add a new payment method – tap “Add payment method,” then fill in the required details.

After completing this step, select “Done.

To update/change a payment method – Tap the payment method you want to update, then edit or change the information. Then tap “Done.”

You can also remove payment methods and edit the order of arrangement.

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