Back Outlook Mail, Contacts and Other Data using SyncToy

Your mail, contacts, calendars, are stored in an Outlook (.PST) file. To make sure you don’t lose all this in case of a hard disk crashes, you can create backup copies of your (.pst) files — that’s where Outlook stores all the essential data.

This tutorial is about how to backup your Outlook e-mails which is the PST file. Using SyncToy

Video Tutorial:

1. The easiest way of knowing where that PST is located is my opening your Outlook ,click on file, then click on the file management, and here it will tell you the address of  that PST file.

2. In my case is located C:UsersuserAppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook folder

3. AppData is a hidden folder we need to to unhide the folder by going to to Start, Control Panel, Folder options, and click on the view tab

4. Check mark show hidden files and folders and drives click apply and click okay. now it should be able to see the AppData folder

5. Go into the AppData folder, local folder, Microsoft,Outlook folder, here we would find the .PST where all the emails are located

6. We can copy and paste the file somewhere else or we can use Sync-toy for fast hassle less backup.

7. Copy the address of the Outlook folder.

8. Open SyncToy, Create new folder pair, copy the address on the left folder.

9. Select the location of the Outlook backup on the right folder, click next.

10. Select the type back uo you need and click on next.

11. Name your Folder pair, Next.

12. select your backup and Click Run.


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