How to Back up your Computer to the Cloud

There are Hundreds of users out there that don’t have any type of backup, and others who have an external hard drive as the main backup, not knowing backup is only a back up if your data in on two simultaneous locations.

Example: To have a successful backup you need to have your information on two locations, on your main C: drive and external drives, or two external drives in case one fails. With Cloud computing you don’t need to think about purchasing  and configuring additional hard drives, all you need is a little program creating a backup to the cloud automatically.

Hard drives are equipment that works inside of a computer. A light bulb works inside of your house, the hard drive can fail exactly similar to a light bulb and without warning if you are lucky the hard drive will give you warning signs but that is not always the case.

To protect yourself from a hard drive failure start placing your Back up your Computer to the Clouds.

To back up your computer to the Clouds:

1. Download and install Carbonite is free for 15 days giving you a chance to try it in case you don’t like it.

2. While installing select automatic backup. by default would back up your Emails, Documents, Pictures, and movies.

3. Select Backup now to start creating a backup to the clouds.

To restore your data in case of failure all you need to do is re-install the program and select Restore all Files.

Video Tutorial:


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  1. George says:

    True that. People nowadays seem to greatly underestimate the value of backups.