Backup and Restore Windows PC Hardware Drivers

Here is a short Video Tutorial on using Double Driver to back up your Drivers. Click here to Download Double Driver For Windows.

1. After installation, launch Double Driver and click on the Scan button to begin detecting the drivers.

2. Once the scan is complete you can choose specific drivers to save or select them all.

3. To back up the drivers just press the Backup button.  Choose a directory to back them up and click OK.

4. You will get a progress screen while the drivers are being backed up.

5. Successful driver backup!

6. All of the drivers are placed into their respective folders automatically for easy management.

To Re-Install The Drivers:

1. launch Double Driver and click on the Restore button.

2. Then Click on locate to look for the folder where you backed up the drivers.Click OK Button. then Click on re-store.