How to Block Ads Using Google Chrome

Ads are all over on the internet, sometimes you can find them useful but most of the time they are only scam or malwares, they may be very annoying for users because some sites can bombard you with pop ads and you can’t do anything to stop it. Today you can block ads all over internet including ads on facebook, youtube, banners and other pop-ups.

1. Download Adblock Plus on Google Chrome.

Block Ads 1

2. When it’s completed you should see a new icon near the wrench menu on Google chrome saying ABP and it indicates that the extension is installet sucessfuly.

Block Ads 2

3. Now when you surf the web you will not see any other ads in there and if a site is containing ads a little number at the ABP icon it will tell how many ads are blocked.

Block Ads 3

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