How to Block WordPress Spam Comments

You don’t need more than one Plugin to stop Spam or Trackback Spam. There are many different plugins for WordPress that Claim to stop spam. The most effective way to stop spam is using one of these Plugins: Akismet or GrowMap Anti-Spambot. I personally recommend GrouMap, I believe Akismet is not free anymore. Plus according to my personal experience and other Bloggers who have used both we can all agree that GrowMap is better than Akismet.


Akismet is a plugin developed by Automattic, WordPress’s sister company. Akismet comes with WordPress by default and does a great job of blocking spam. For bloggers, Akismet will reduce spam significantly. The problem is, it just stops spam getting displayed, and it doesnt block all spam.

GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin

GrowMap is a free plugin developed by Andy Bailey creator of the CommentLuv plugin. GrouMap is the most effective way to Completely Stop Spam and Trackback Spam. After testing out the G.A.S.P plugin for a few weeks, I can honestly say that it works, and I do mean works. I have had zero, not a single spam comment or Trackback Spam within weeks. I haven’t had valid comments moved to my spam folder automatically either.

If you have any questions or suggestions leave it in the comment section below. Have fun and enjoy being spam free.

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