Change the Default Save Location for Files and Folders on Windows 11

When you download a file, folder, or app from the internet, your Windows PC puts it in a place that Microsoft has set as the default. You don’t have to use this default location, though.

If you’d rather download files somewhere else, it’s easy to set up. So, here’s how to change where Windows 11 saves files by default.

Using Settings

Press Win + I to open Settings.

Go to System and click on Storage.

Click Advanced storage settings and select Where new content is saved.

You may now change and select where your apps and files will be saved by default.

Using File Explorer

Open your File Explorer.

Right-click on Downloads and select Properties.

Go to the Location tab and click Find Target.

You may now select where you want to save your downloads by default.

Click Apply and OK to save your changes.

Whether you don’t have enough space or just want to store your files somewhere else from now on, you can now easily change where Windows saves files by default. The Windows operating system has a lot of settings and configurations that are already set up.

But as time goes on, you might want to change how your PC works so that it fits your workflow better. Don’t be afraid to try out all the different ways you can change Windows’ default settings.


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