Change the Taskbar Size in Windows 11

Not all Windows 11 users like the new taskbar. Some of them don’t like that taskbar because they can’t make it bigger or smaller with the cursor.

People often say that the taskbar is too small for all the things they want to put on it. People have always been able to add another level by dragging the taskbar, from Windows 95 to Windows 10.

In Windows 11, there are no built-in ways to change the size of the taskbar. You can’t move the taskbar with the cursor to make it bigger like you can in Windows 10. There are also no options in Settings that let users change the size of the taskbar.

But you can still change the size of the taskbar in some ways by making changes to the registry. Changing the scaling settings in Windows 11 will also change the size of the taskbar.

Registry Editor

Press Win + R to launch Run dialog.

Type regedit and press Enter.

Navigate to the following path:


Right-click on Advanced and select New.

Choose DWORD (32-bit Value).

Rename the new file TaskbarSi.

Input either 0 for small taskbar or 2 big taskbar within the Value data box.

Click OK when done.

Restart your PC.

NOTE: By typing 1 into TaskbarSi’s Value data box, you can return the taskbar to its original size. You can also right-click TaskbarSi and “Delete.”

Adjust Scaling Settings

Press Win + I to open Settings.

Go to System and click on Display.

Click on Scale to expand the option.


You can change the scaling to 125% to expand scale of the taskbar.

Restart your PC to apply the changes.

Even though the Windows 11 taskbar might not be to everyone’s taste, you should still use it to its fullest. Use the above settings and methods to try to change it and make it fit your needs better.


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