How to Change WordPress Login URL For Security

The main reason to change the login URL is to protect you site against brute force security attacks. The default WordPress login is http://yourwebsite/wp-admin and everyone knows this. By renaming the URL would completely eliminate any login brute force attacks.

To rename the WorPress URL we’ll be using a plugin called Rename wp-login.php.

What This Plugin Does?

Rename wp-login.php allows you to change the default URL of your WordPress login page from “http://yourwebsite/wp-admin” to something other than the default. The plugin will change from “”, to “”. Once changed, the wp-login.php page will return a 404 “Not Found” page, This means that the only way to access the login page is by using the new custom URL you created.

How It Works?

When you install and activate the plugin, you will be automatically redirected to Settings -> Permalinks to change the login URL. On the bottom you’ll see “” with a small text box next to it.


Enter what you want the new login URL to be.

Dont forget the new URL because both wp-login.php and /wp-admin/ will be disabled when the plugin is activated.

Note: This plugin doesn’t make any changes to your database, by deactivating the plugin, everything will go back to normal.


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