Check if a Website is Secure

Some Web sites, although they may seem completely harmless, they can contain malicious software, spywares or any other security breach which could Damage our computers.

Are very common the anti-virus that do real-time analysis of our navigation to get rid of problems, and keep everything safe as we can. If in doubt we can use third party software or as a third option, using independent web services dedicated to analyzing and Web servers on the Internet (Google Diagnostic, Amada…). URLVoid is a service that encompasses several of these scanners on-webs line and shows the result easily.

Although the service is in beta, the simplicity and ease of interpreting the results make it an excellent resource for all public safety. Moreover, being hosted in the cloud is independent of the operating system we use.

Although the power of antivirus and other specialized software is always relative and depends on many factors, there is one that should never fail, user insight.

“if a site seems harmless, it will be”, this way, certain that in this way will more likely to go unpunished attacks and problems.


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