Clone Windows 8.1 Hard Drive using XXClone

XXClone is a software for windows that let’s you create clone images of your current operating system saving all your settings, preferences and files for later use. So today you can install and configure it.

1. Download XXClone

XX Clone install 1

2. When you get the downloaded file you will need to unzip it by using default windows uziper or using third party ones and than run the unziped file and run through the basic installation.

XX Clone install 2

3. When the installation completes you need to open the software, plus you will need to have an additional hard disk drive larger in size than the space used on your source drive witch would be the C: drive in this case and also select the target Volume witch would be th additional HDD where you want the image to be saved.

XX Clone install 3

4. Select Operation Mode tab and select your desired option and and click on start to begin the image creation process.

XX Clone install 4

5. When the process is completed you will find the image file on the destination HDD that you have selected earlier.

XX Clone install 5


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