Windows XP Cannot see other Computers on My Network Places

When you go to My Network Places on Windows XP, it doesn’t show any other computers on the network it shows blank or empty? Even when connected to the network, you may still not be able to see other computers on the same network. Here are few steps that can help you.

Make sure you can ping the network computer.

1. Click on Start -> Run. To open the Run window.

2. Here type the word cmd and click on OK. to open the command prompt.

3. Here enter the following command: ping and press enter.

“” would be the IP address of the computer you cant see.

you should receive a response something like:

Reply from : bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128

That would mean that is communicating with the computer that you cant see in the My Network Places.

Make sure the both computers are in the same workgroup.

1. Click on start right click my computer select properties from the context menu.

2. Go to Computer Name tab and make sure all computers are in the same work group. if they are not just click on Change button and under member of change the WORKGROUP.

Enable File and Printer Sharing.

1. Click on Start, right click My Network Places select properties from the context menu.

2. Right click the local area connection -> Properties and make sure File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks is checked

Check your firewall Settings

1. Go to Start-> Control Panel-> Windows Firewall-> Exceptions Tab to make sure File and Printer sharing is checked.

Last resort I would recommend to disable the firewall

1. Go to Start-> Control Panel-> Windows Firewall and check-mark off (not recommended)

Video Tutorial:


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2 Responses

  1. Ramiro says:

    Hello Seen your video and loved it but I am still not able to see a computer or ping a computer on my network. I have followed all your steps and still no luck it is a newly configured PC windows 10 I just added to my network. Please help