How to Configure DHCP Policy-Based Assignment Windows Server 2012

Policy-Based Assignment consents administrators to allocate devices with IP addresses from a particular series, which can be advantageous if you need to assemble devices together. For example, you may allot all iPhones an address from a particular series. PBA also consents administrators to fix normal or vendor particular DHCP options based on the equivalent principles.

To configure a DHCP policy, sign in to Windows Server 2012, or a workplace through Windows Server 2012 Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) mounted, by an account that has the approval to accomplish DHCP.

In Windows Server 2012, go to the Start screen and write DHCP.

Ensure that Apps are designated on right of the search results screen, and select DHCP on left.

In DHCP administration support window, enlarge DHCP server, IPv4 and prevailing Scope in the left pane.

In the left pane, right-click the Policies folder below Scope and select New Policy from the list of options.

In Policy established IP Address and Selection Assignment dialog, write Effective Machines in the Policy Name box and click Next.

In Configure Situations for the policy interchange, click Add.

In Add/Edit Situation window, select MAC Address from the Conditions menu.

In Value box, type 00155Dcheck Append wildcard (*), select Add and then OK.

In Configure Settings for the policy dialog, select Next.

Type in Start IP address box, in End IP address box and click Next.

On subsequent display, you can set DHCP methods. Ensure DHCP Standard Possibilities are designated in the Vendor class menu.

Below Offered Options form 003 Router.

Write preferred router address in IP address box and select Add.

Below Offered Possibilities check 006 DNS Servers.

Write the wanted DNS server address in IP address box and select Add.

From the policy particulars on Summary screen and select Finish.

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