How to Get started with G Suite

G Suite is a seamless integration of Google’s Business including Gmail, Docs, Analytics, G Suite boasts a wide variety of intuitive tools for the business that works in conjunction with a variety of software applications to bring you a slew of additional features, through this tutorial, I will explain step by step how you can configure and get started with your G Suite ( formerly Google Apps for Work ) follow the below steps to guarantee a successful result

1. Go to the link and Click Next.

get started

2. Type in your Organization name or Business name and number of employees and click Next.

business name

3. Choose your Business location and Business Phone number and click Next.


4. Give your current email address or any working email address, this email address will also be used to recover your G Suite account.


5. If you have a custom domain and you want to add it now, you can go with below option and add your domain to G suite.

add domain 1

6. Give your domain Name and click Next.

d name

7. Setup your global Admin account to sign into G Suite with this domain. Your mail flow will not be disturbed until you move your MX records to G-Suit.

setup acc

8. Provide the First and Last Name of the Global Account.


9. Type the username for this global account.


10. Once your Global G-Suite is created you will get the below window with the option to “ Go To Setup”.

go to setup

11. Sign in with your Global Account.

sign in

12. Verify your global Account when you sign in first time, (This is one-time verification).


13. Once you are in your account, you will see the THREE basic option, Now you have configured your G Suit and you ready to work with it.

g suit


After this tutorial, you should be able to know how you can configure G Suit for your organization or your own business.


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