How To Convert .mkv To .wav Using VLC Media Player

This guide is going to show how to convert .mkv to .wav, the time it takes to convert it depends on how big is the mkv file.

1. You need to download and install VLC Media Player. It’s a basic installation.

Cinvert MKV to WAV6

2. Run the Program and click on Media and select Open Multiple Files… from the drop down.

Cinvert MKV to WAV5

3. From the open Media dialog box click on add… to select the MKV file.

4. Once the file is selected click on the drop down arrow next to play and select Convert from the drop down menu.

Cinvert MKV to WAV4

5. Now select the destination file, is where you want your file saved.

Cinvert MKV to WAV3

6. I selected the desktop as the destination also Name your file under File name and add .WAV at the end of the file name and click on save.

Cinvert MKV to WAV2

7. You’ll be brought back to the convert window. Here the profile should auto load as circled bellow.

8. Now click on the tool button next to the profile to edit the profile.

Cinvert MKV to WAV

8. Here select WAV from the Encapsulation tab.

Cinvert MKV to WAV12

9. Also make sure Video is not checked from the Video Codec Tab.

Cinvert MKV to WAV11

10. Under Audio codec tab make sure Audio is checked and select WAV from the codec drop-down, uncheck Keep original audio track.

Cinvert MKV to WAV10

11. Under subtitles tab, make sure subtitles is unchecked and click on save.

Cinvert MKV to WAV9

12. Now click on start to create your .WAV remember the time it takes to create the file depends on the size of the MKV.

Cinvert MKV to WAV7


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