How to Turn your Windows PC into a Virtual Machine

This is a simple Tutorial on how to convert your Windows computer system into a virtual machine using Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12.

1. Download and install Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 is free for non commercial use.

2. Also Download and install Oracle VirtualBox, to run The Virtual Machine.

3. Once Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 is installed launch it and select Virtualization from the left under Partitioning.

4. Now click on P2V Copy from the top right under virtualization, to open the P2v copy wizard.

5. Here click next, in the Browse for source disks window check mark to select Local Disk C: and System Reserved. click on next.

6. The P2V Wizard will auto detect your current running Operating System and it will ask you to check-mark which virtual software vendor you are going to use, so it can create a compatible virtual hard drive.

7. Once you select the virtual software vendor, click on next.

8. In the Setting Virtual Machine Properties Ill leave it default, but you can customize the Memory amount, CPU and Virtual machine name. Once done click on next.

9. In the Setting Virtual Disk Properties leave it default and click on next.

10. Select where you want to save the virtual machine and click next. it can take a long time depending on how much information you have stored on your c: drive. Once completed Finish the wizard.

To run the newly created Virtual Machine:

1. Launch the virtual software in my case is VirtualBox, New -> Name your OS -> select version -> next.

2. Adjust Memory size by dragging on the handle -> Next.

3. Check-mark Use an existing virtual hard drive file and browse for the image file created by Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 and click on start.

Video Tutorial:


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