How to Create a Bootable DOS USB Drive

By default Windows won’t allow you to create a Bootable DOS USB Drive so we are going to using an app called Rufus. This APP allows us to install DOS onto the USB.

In the Past we used Floppy disks to create MS-DOS in the format utility built into Windows. but nowadays computers don’t bring Floppy drives anymore.

How to Create a Bootable DOS USB Drive:

1. Connect your USB drive to the computer.

2. Download and Run Rufus. It doesn’t require any installation.

3. Check mark “Create a bootable disk using” make sure  FreeDOS is selected. Click on start.

4. This will delete all information from the USB so make sure is empty.

5. Once is done you can  go ahead and copy all your DOS programs to the Bootable USB.

6. Boot form that USB Drive. To Boot form a USB you would need to change the boot sequence in the BIOS.

7. Once in DOS, you can run the program you copied to your USB drive by typing its name at the DOS prompt.

Video Tutorial:


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