How to Create a Redo Backup, Recovery Bootable USB

In this tutorial I’m going to be showing you guys how to create a Redo Backup and Recovery bootable USB pen drive.

1. Download Redo Backup and Recovery.

2. In my Video I have already downloaded the  Redo Backup, Recovery ISO. If you have windows Vista Seven or Windows 8 just right-click burn disk image to create a bootable disk, cause we need to create a bootable disk before creating a bootable USB.

3. Now once you’re done creating the Redo Backup, Recovery Bootable disk, place the disk in the disk drive and restart the computer, remember to Change the boot sequence in the BIOS to boot from the Redo Backup, Recovery disk.

4. Select start Redo backup, Click on the gear icon, settings, Create Bootable USB, by default the source is already preselected which is the CD and a USB pen drive.

5. Click on make start up disk to successfully created a Redo Backup, Recovery Bootable USB.

Video Tutorial: