How to Create a Virtual Machine of your Windows PC

With virtualization you can run an operating system within another. There are plenty of reasons why you would want to do this: you can test out software, products and suspicious files in an isolated environment without damaging your host operating system.

Disk2vhd allows you to create a Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) of a physical machine even while the machine is up and running using volume snapshot technology. This small utility doesn’t require installation and you can run it from a flash drive if you want. Just open up the Disk2vhd folder and run the executable.

There are various software available for creating and running virtual machine image. Microsoft’s Virtual PC, VMware, and Sun Microsystems’ VirtualBox.

Video Tutorial:

Create A Virtual Machine Clone of Your Windows Computer

1. Run Disk2vhd select the Operating System drive plus the System Reserved to turn into a VHD. You’ll need to select a location that is large enough to store the VHD.

2. Rename it if you like, click on save –>> create.

3. Once finished verify the that it crated the VHD.

3. I’ll be running it on Microsoft Virtual PC to run the VHD we created.

Setup Windows Virtual PC

1. In Microsoft Virtual PC select Create a virtual machine, click next.

2. Rename your virtual machine to something more relative like Windows 7.

3. Select the proper Operating System from the drop-down. Click next.

4. Use recommended Ram or increase it by adjusting the ram.

5. Select an existing hard disk.

6. Then Browse for the location of the VHD. Selected and click on open. then Click on next.

7. Finish the wizard.

In the Virtual PC Console start the Operating System. That is it!!! enjoy.


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