Create Bootable USB Flash Drive For Windows 7 – Windows 8 Using Drag n Drop

Creating a Bootable USB Flash Drives in windows very easy with WiNToBootic Application. It offers the user to make a bootable NTFS USB Drive for Windows 7 & Windows 8, write ISO images through drag n drop process.

WiNToBootic is an easy and simple application which makes the bootable NTFS USB/Flash Disk with less consumption of time and along with that the user can be super user friendly with this application. So finally you can Create Bootable USB Flash Drives by just drag and drop ISO images.

To Create a bootable USB flash drive Follow these steps:

1. Download WiNToBootic This app does not install on your system it just run’s from its location.

2. You will need a Windows 7 or Windows 8 .ISO Image to create a bootable drive.

3. Also a USB pendrive 4GB or hiegher.

4. Once you have all of the above run the WiNToBootic App. it will automatically detect the usb drive letter, if it doesnt you can always click on the drop down box to select the drive letter where you wish to install windows.

5. Now just drag and drop your Windows ISO to the little square of WiNToBootic window, check mark quick format and click on do it.

6. Is going to ask you if you are sure click on OK,

7. Make sure you have no important information or no Info. at all because the following window is going to ask you to confirm the deletion of the Drive. Click ok to confirm.

8. WiNToBootic will start creating your Bootable USB Flash Drive.

Click Here to see the full installation of Windows 8.

Video Tutorial:


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