Create and Connect to a MariaDB Database on Amazon Relational Database Services RDS

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an environment to run your MariaDB database (we call this environment an ‘instance’), connect to the database, and delete the DB instance. We will do this using Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS).

1. Enter the RDS console, find RDS under Database and click to open the Amazon RDS Console.

2.  To create a MariaDB instance with a “db.t2.micro” DB instance class, you will get “5 GB” of storage, and automated backups enabled with a retention period of one day select the Region in which you want to create the DB instance.

3. From the navigation pane, click “Instances”, and then click “Launch DB Instance”.

4. Select your engine, as for this tutorial we are going to select “MariaDB”.

5. Select the MariaDB option under Dev/Test and click Next Step.

6. Select the checkbox next to Only show options that are eligible for RDS Free Tier, and fill “Instance Specifications” then click Next.

7. Now you are on the Configure Advanced Settings page where you can provide additional information that RDS needs to launch the MariaDB instance after you provide it click “Launch DB Instance”.

8. Go to the Download MySQL Workbench page to download and install MySQL Workbench.

9. You will be prompted to login, sign up, or begin your download. You can click No thanks, just start my download for a quick download.

10. Launch the MySQL Workbench application and go to Database > Connect to Database.

11. Enter the required credentials and hostname for the connection.

12. You are now connected to the database. On the MySQL Workbench, you will see various schema objects available in the database. Now you can start creating tables, insert data, and run queries.

13. To delete the DB instance, Go back to your Amazon RDS Console.  Select Instance Actions and click Delete from the drop-down menu.

14. You are asked to create a final snapshot. For this tutorial, select No in the drop-down, check the acknowledgment box and click Delete.


After this tutorial, you should have created, connected to, and deleted a MariaDB Database Instance with Amazon RDS, for any inquiry regarding this tutorial please comment with it and one of “AvoidErrors” team will try to reply you ASAP.


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