How To Create Desktop Shortcuts In Windows 8.1

When installing programs on Windows 8.1 most of the shortcut icons installs on the Metro UI instead of the desktop including Microsoft Office programs like Word that means we need to go back and forth between the desktop and the Metro UI to run basic programs like Microsoft Word.

By following this simple step by step ill show you how to create a Desktop shortcut of any programs including MS Word.

1. First, from the “Metro UI” or “All apps” screen, find the software you want to create desktop shortcuts for. ( MS Word)

2. On the icon, Right click and select “Open file location.” from the additional options on the bottom of the screen.

3. Next, A window will appear with the shortcut highlighted. Right-click the software, then click “Send to,” and click “Desktop (create shortcut).

4. Now your are able to see the shortcut icon for the software or App.

Video Tutorial:


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