How to Create a Norton Ghost Image of Your Hardrive

To CREATE an image of you PC hard drive:

1. Launch the program in/from true DOS, not a DOS window from Windows.

2. Select your imaging options

3. Select Local -> Partition -> To Image or Partition

4. Select your source drive

5. Select your source partition

6. Select your image destination

7. Name the image file Read Don’t exceed 8 characters for spanned images that exceed 2-GB.

8. Select compression

9. Begin Imaging

10. After image is complete, you should get the message: Completed Successfully

Restart and Done!!.

See How to create a bootable Ghost CD

Once the data on the destination (partition/disk) is over-written, there’s nothing you can do to get it back. Make sure you select your destination correctly. If unsure, QUIT and seek help.

Also make sure you select the correct image to restore. Restoring the wrong image is not as bad as restoring an image to the wrong destination, because you can always go back re-restore the correct image.

Video Tutorial:

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