How to Create Linux Multiboot USB Drive

To Create a MultiBoot USB Flash Drive YUMI is an awesome program, created to be used with Linux operating systems it can also work the same with Windows OS.

First Download all the necessary Linux Distros you wish to add to the USB. Our goal is to create a multi Linux USB Installer.

Video Tutorial:

1. Download and run YUMI program and click “I Agree“.


2. Make sure the USB is installed to your computer. In the YUMI setup in Step 1: select your USB from the drop-down menu as shown:

3. [ Optional ] To the right of Step 1 Check mark Format Drive. Note: by checking this all data in the USB drive will be deleted to make room for the Multi Linux Operating systems.


F:\ (USB) in my case.

4. Under Step 2: click the drop-down menu and select “The Linux Version”


5. To the right of Step 3: click Browse to select the Linux OS ISO file. The one you downloaded on Step 0.


6. This is how it should look, obviously in your case with a different Linux distro.


7. Click on Create button. You’ll get a pop up message with the following:


8. Click Yes. Wait for the Process to complete.


9. When the program completes adding the first Linux distro to the USB it will ask you if you would like to add another Distribution i.e Operating System.

10. Click “Yes” to add another Operating System. If you wanted to install just one OS to the USB then click No and close.


11. Once you’ve clicked on yes button, you’ll be redirected back to YUMI’s setup.

To add additional Linux distros all you need to do is repeat the same process but do not select Format: Drive.


Under Step 2: Select a “Different Linux OS” from the Drop-Down menu and browse for the ISO.



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