How to Create a “Sticky Note” on a MacOS

No more writing notes in separate applications. Such as (Notepad, Word, OneNote, etc..), you can simply learn how to create a sticky note on MacOS with easy 3 ways and you will figure that on this tutorial step by step.

Adding “Sticky Note” to your Mac Dashboard

1. Click the Apple menu and select “System Preferences”, just like below.

2. Select “Mission Control” from the menu, just like the below image.

3. Click the “Dashboard” menu and select “As Space” or “As Overlay,” whatever you prefer. This will re-enable the Dashboard if it’s disabled, as for me I will choose “As Space”.

4. Once you have done the above steps, the Dashboard will be enabled, and you can open it using your keyboard or trackpad, or you can find it on “Application” folder.

5. Open the “Dashboard”, and click on the plus “+” button.

6. Once you click on the “+” button, this is will open new widget menu.

7. You can start typing in your new note immediately, write anything that you need to save in quick note format.

8. You also can change your note color, and you can do this by clicking “i” button.

9. Just select the color you prefer and same for the font.

and we are done with the first way, not let’s move to the second easy way

Adding a desktop “Sticky Notes”.

1. Head to the “Application” folder and open it, and double-click “Stickies”.

2. Once you click “Stickies”, it will open 2 notes and you can place a shortcut on your desktop by dragging and drop.

3. Sticky notes don’t need to be just text, You can drag media files into the sticky note, and they will appear with playback controls, This includes video and audio files. You can also add PDF files to sticky notes, for example, i had added a PDF file and here it will look like if you did this.

and by this 2 easy ways, you are having a knowledge how to create sticky notes to write your quick notes.



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