How to Create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc

Here is how to create a Windows 7 system repair disk, used to boot a malfunctioning Windows 7 computer to attempt to recover it.

1. Insert a blank DVD-R  in the disk drive.

2. Open the Control Panel.

3. Select Small icons from the View by: Category

4. Navigate to Backup and Restore.

repair disk 11

5. From the Backup and Restore window select Create a system repair disc from the left pane.

Windows 7 System Repair Disc 10

6. Select the disc drive where the the blank DVD-R is in and then click on Create disc button.

Windows 7 System Repair Disc 3

repair disk 4

7. When the disk has finished burning Close all windows and eject the newly created repair disk.

recall sent emails

Now you are ready to boot from it.

Video Tutorial:


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