Create your own Cloud Storage Server in Minutes – ownCloud

I’m going to be showing you guys how to create your own cloud storage server using ownCloud. This tutorial is divided in 3 sections, Create the server, download the setup-owncloud.php from ownCloud, WinSCP to upload and install ownCloud.

Not to be confused with: How to Create Your Own Personal Home Cloud Storage

Video Links:

1. Go to to create the server.

2. to download the setup-owncloud.php file.

3. Download and install WinSCP to upload the setup-owncloud.php file to the server.

Updated Video Tutorial:

Create the Server

1. Head over to and click on FREE TRIAL tab, here enter your email address, a password and start your free trial.


2. You should get a confirmation email, here click on “activate your account now”, you’ll be redirected to the create a server section in Cloudways.


3. Here select “DigitalOcean” as your server,  Under Select your application select “my SQL PHP stack”, under select server size click on the tab I know my server size and move the slider to the 512MB, ignore the warning and keep scrolling down.


4. From the select location drop-down select the server location nearest you. In this case New York is nearest me, and click on launch free trial or launch button to start creating your ownCloud server. The server creation process can take about 10 minutes.


5. Once the server is created, click on Manage Server.


6. Then go to “Application Management” tab. Under Access details you’ll be provided with all the necessary information to to access this server via SFTP.


Download the setup-owncloud.php

Then download the setup-owncloud.php file from ownCloud. Here is how:

Go to and click on Download button from the menu, then under under Download ownCloud click the Download button.


From this Window select the “<\> Web Installer” tab, then click on the word here from the first step to download the setup-owncloud.php file.



Now that you have created the server and have the SFTP loging info. You would need to download and install WinSCP.


Connect to the Server via SFTP

Once WinSCP is installed run it and enter the SFTP information from Cloudways as shown:


Once connected drag and drop the setup-owncloud.php file inside of the public_html folder.


Setup ownCloud

Close WinSCP and open the Browser, here in the search enter the following:


This is Public IP Address given to you by Cloudways, followed by a forward slash setup-owncloud.php to start setting up ownCloud.

On the Setup Wizard click Next.


In the Dependency Check screen you can rename the directory location or enter a sub directory location for ownCloud. In this case I’ll leave it default and click Next.



Once installed create a new admin account and your ownCloud server is ready. Now all you need is to install the desktop app and the mobile app to sync and/or backup your files, you’ll be prompted to install it once you click on finish setup.



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