Customize How long Until Your Mac asks for your Password

The information stored in the keychain is encrypted and locked with its own password — which is usually the same password you use to log into your computer.

If  you recently changed the login password, the Mac is probably annoying you with a login keychain password because it is still trying to use your old OS X login password instead of the new one.

If your Mac keeps asking for the login keychain password, then there are no worries as with tutorial you will learn how to customize how long your mac will ask for your password?, by following the below steps:-

1. Click on the Apple Icon.

2. From the drop-down menu, click on “System Preferences”

3. From the settings window that will open, click on “Security&Privacy”.

4. Click on the “Lock” icon in the lower left corner.

5. It may ask for your password, please type it and click “Unlock”.

6. Make sure to check the box beside “Require password.” When it’s enabled, you can optimize the time until your password is required after your MAC goes to sleep or turns on the screen saver. If you don’t want to be asked for the password ever when your MAC be to the sleep mode or into the screen saver, uncheck this box.

7. Click the drop down menu that it’s highlighted in the below picture.

8. From the drop down menu select how long of time you want to use. Your Mac will wait this period of time after sleeping or enabling the screen saver until it prompts for your password again.


Now it’s time to adjust your screensaver and sleep times.

1. Click the “Show All” button like the below image, This will return you to the “System Preferences”  so you can adjust the time that makes your computer goes to sleep or enables the screen saver.

2. Click on “Desktop&Screen Saver”

3. From the tabs that shown, click on “Screen Saver” tab, and select when it “Start After”.

4. Select the time that your screen saver should start after. If you don’t want a screen saver, select “Never.” Your computer may be prompt you for a password.

5. It’s time to set how long your computer will sleep after, click “Show all ” it’s highlighted on below picture.

6. Click on “Energy Saver”.

7. Hold and drag the “Computer sleep” slider. Your MAC will put itself to sleep after this period of inactivity, You’ll then be prompted for your password however long after that, depending on what you set earlier in the “Security & Privacy” menu.


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