How to Customize and Resize Mac OS Sierra X Sidebar

In this guide, am going to explain step by step how you can customize the sidebar of Mac OS Sierra, Everytime you open finder you will see the default sidebar appearance, the icons are mute gray and it displayed like Apple assumes which programs you are most using, so you can get your documents, application, or even desktop, and customize the Mac sidebar you have to follow the below steps as also I will explain how you can add a shortcuts in a bit.

Resize Mac Sidebar icons

1. Open “System Preferences…” from the apple icon on the top bar.

2. From the setting icons, click on “General“.

3. From “General” you can do a lot of customization. for example, you can “Small” the side bar icon.

4. You can choose whatever the size of the icons you want whatever big, medium or small.

5. You can also restore your missing sidebar, close all the open windows then click on “View” from the top bar.

6. Click on “Show Sidebar” and it will appear in your finder window.

7. You can set how many items to show on the sidebar, to do that go to “Finder” and click on “Preferences”, just like the below screenshot.

8. From the options click on “Side bar”.

9. From here, you can check the items that you need it to appear, and uncheck the items that you are not using to disappear.


After this tutorial, you should be able to know how you can customize and reside the sidebar on your Mac OS Sierra


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