How to Delete User Accounts in Windows 8

In this tutorial we will learn how to Delete User Accounts in Windows 8. There are two kinds of accounts one local account and windows live ID. In this tutorial you will learn how to delete local user account.

NOTE: Only Admin or user with full access is allowed to delete user accounts.

1.  Clicking on the gear icon on the Metro screen.

2. Now scroll down and click on More settings tab.

3. Click on Add or remove user accounts under User accounts and Family Safety category

4. Click on the user you would like to delete/remove

5. Click on Delete the account tab. located to the left

6. The following window prompts you weather to keep or delete files in User’s document.

If you don’t want to keep the files, they will be saved on the admin desktop and all files will be kept in a folder with the user name which you are intended to delete/remove.

7. Click on “Delete Account” button to complete the process.

learn how to create new user account in windows 8

I hope this tutorial has helped you to delete user account in windows.

Video Tutorial:


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