How to Disable Advertisements in Skype

How can I remove the banner ads from Skype? there is a solution to get rid of these advertisements and make Skype better when it comes to having a clean conversation without advertisement.

Disable Advertisements in Skype:

Open Internet Explorer, Click on the  gear icon or Tools then Internet Options from the drop down menu.

Advertisements in Skype 1

2. Now select the Security tab, then click on Restricted Sites icon, then the Sites button below it.

Advertisements in Skype 2

5. Under “Add websites to the zone:” enter the following link -> “” (without the quotes) into the text box and click on Add button

disable ads on skype 3

disable ads on skype 4

6. Once added, close and click OK to save the changes.

disable ads on skype 5

7. Restart Skype.From now on no more Advertisements while chatting.

8. To Enable Ads remove the link from Restricted Sites by  selecting “” then click Remove.

disable ads on skype 6


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