Disable Automatic App Updates in Mac OS X Sierra

There are a lot of reasons why Apple wants its users to keep their Mac software up-to-date, with security fixes and the latest features to avoid virus and hackers attacks and also to ensure that they got the best operating system, Apple has recently started automatically downloading the latest version of MacOS for most of their users who have a MacBook or iMac .

With releasing the latest version of Mac Operating System “Sierra” Apple now automatically downloads the most important updates, which may take up more than 5 GigaByte of your hard disk space.

With this tutorial am going to explain step by step how you can disable automatic updates in Mac OS.

1. Click on the apple icon from the top bar of your Mac screen.

2. From the drop down list click on “System Preferences…” or you can open it from the bottom bar.

3. Click on “App Store”.

4. On this step you will have to uncheck “Automatically check for updates” and “Download newly available updates in the background” just like the below screenshot.

5. If you want to see all the available updates for your Mac, click on “Show Updates”.

6. Here it’s what its ready to get updated.

7. Navigate to your Application folder and search for a “MacOS Sierra installer” and delete it.

8. As for your information, this installer file may take 5 Gigabyte of your hard disk.


After this guide, you should be able to know how you can disable automatic updates of your Mac OS Sierra, and also know how you can check the available updates of your Mac.


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