Disable Disk Check Every Time you Start your Windows Computer

Disk Check “chkdsk” is a built-in windows tool that checks your disk for any bad sectors or any errors but in some machines it runs every windows starts up depending on your disk type. That can be very annoying  it takes a lot of time to boot. you can disable it by command prompt here is how:

1. Go to Start and search for Cmd and right click on it and click on Run as Administrator.

Disk Check Disable 1

2. At the Command Prompt we are going to check the disk by typing fsutil dirty query c: (c: being main os drive) and press enter.

Disk Check Disable 2

3. When disk check has completed youll see if it’s dirty or not , now again at the command prompt type chkntfs  /x c: and press enter.

Disk Check Disable 3

4. Now after you have typed this command you should be done and you can restart your computer and check if it is fixed.


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