Disable Password Complexity in Windows Server 2003

Here is how to fix the password does not meet the password policy requirements. Check the minimum password length, password complexity and password history requirements. Just follow these steps.

1. Navigate to Security Settings >> Account Policies >> Password Policy.

2. Double-click on the Minimum Password Length option in the right pane and select Properties.

3. Keep the Check-mark on the Define Setting selected! Do not remove the Check-mark from that check-box. Removing the Check-mark will cause the GPO to revert to the default setting, which is what we are trying to remove in the first place. Enter 0 (zero) for the number of minimum characters required in a password.

4. Double-click on the Passwords Must Meet Complexity Requirements option in the right pane.

5. Do not remove the Check-mark from that check-box. Instead, select Disabled.

6. Click OK all the way out and close the GPO window.

7. In order to refresh the policy type the following command: “gpupdate /force”  in the CMD window and click ENTER.

Video Tutorial:


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