How to Disable “People You May Know Feature” Facebook

The people you may know section may have lots of people you don’t want to add as friend or ever see them, so lets remove it. This does not work if you are using Internet Explorer. This works for the following browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, I recommend you install one these browsers, as this is not compatible with IE.

1. Go to and install Purity Extension (it will automatically define your browser).

Disable people you may know feature 1

2. Once installed restart your browser and re log-in to Facebook.

Disable people you may know feature 2

3. Then navigate to F.B. Purity under “What’s on your mind“.

Disable people you may know feature 3

4. Then check mark People you may know option and press save.

Disable people you may know feature 4

Now this feature should turned off.


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