Disable Remote Assistance in Windows 10

When we are using a computer, we may come across many issues some of them are those which we can solve our self and for some of them, we need to get help from someone. When we need to get assistance from someone, we normally use a remote assistance feature that comes built-in with Microsoft Windows 10.

This feature allows us to share our computer with the source we trust for troubleshooting purposes, but this can be a vulnerability if this option remains unattended and open. In this article, I will explain how we can disable this option to keep your computer safe over the internet. To disable the remote assistance option in your Windows 10, follow the following steps.

Click on start menu and type This PC, it will show Computer icon on the top.

Right click on it and then click on properties.

On the computer properties window, click on remote settings option on the left side.

This will open a system property box with remote tab opened.

The first option you will see is related to remote assistance as it says that allow remote assistance connections to this computer with a checkbox.

Uncheck this box and click on apply and then ok to save the settings.

Now you have disabled remote assistance feature on your computer, and no one can access this computer using remote assistance feature.

To enable the remote assistance feature again, follow the same steps and click on the checkbox for option allow remote assistance connections to this computer and click apply and then ok.

Muhammad Imran Habib

Imran is a technology evangelist with 8 years of experience working with some of the Industry leading companies. Imran's expertise includes On-Prem/Virtual Infrastructure deployments, IT Solutions for SMEs, End User Computing Support.

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