Disable Windows 10 Annoying Focus Assist Notification

Focus Assist is a special feature in Windows 10, which hides notifications during important tasks that need your full attention such as gaming. However, the system keeps announcing that Focus Assist is hiding notifications.

Focus assist is similar to “Do not disturb” mode in any mobile phone device. When you turn this mode on, it will silent all the notifications so you can focus on your current task. This is helpful during full-screen tasks like video calling, presentations, gaming etc. You can also set the Focus Assist to be active on a specific period of working hours.

In this article, you will learn how to turn off these notifications so that your important tasks are not disturbed. In order to configure Focus Assist, follow these steps.

Disable Windows 10 Annoying Focus Assist Notification

Click the Windows button from the bottom left of the screen. Click the “Settings” from the start menu. The short key to the settings is pressing “Win + i” simultaneously on the keyboard.

Click the “System” option from the windows settings.

Click the Focus Assist from the left column.

In the Focus Assist settings, the top option is “Off”. This means you will get all the notifications from the apps and contacts, but the setting of the “Automatic Rules” section overrules this setting.

For example, the Focus Assist will be turned on (notifications disabled) when you are duplicating displays, playing a game, or running an app in full screen.

With these settings, you will still get the notifications that the focus assist turned on. In order to disable it click on the automatic rules one by one.

For each of the automatic rule deselect the checkbox for the option mentioned as “Show notification in action center when focus assist turns on”

Moreover, in the top section of Focus assist settings, you can configure the priority list and set the notifications to Alarms only. For the priority list, you can add certain apps that can show notifications and all other notifications will be blocked. If you select Alarms only, you will be notified about the alarms only and no other notifications will be displayed.

In this way, Focus Assist will be finally able to do its real job that is not to disturb you when you are on some important tasks. In addition, you will be aware that Focus Assist is on and you can find notifications through the action center at the time of your ease. Action center is located in the task bar bottom right corner.


You can access the focus assist from the action center as well.

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