How to Download Google Play Apps to Your PC

Have you ever wonder how to download .apk’s from Google play store to your PC?  Some of this apps are not available in some countrys. So today you can download your apk to your computer using a free online tool, the good thing is there is no maximum file size meaning you can download any valid apps using this tool.

Video Tutorial:

Download Google Play Apps to Your PC

1. Go to the Apk Downloader by Evozi.

Apk Download 1

2. Then go to Google Play Store and find the app you want to download, click on it and copy the link from your browser.

Apk Download 2

3. Then return to apk downloader page (step 1) and paste the link in the blank space and click on Generate Download Link.

Apk Download 3

4. After the link is generated you can see details about that app and a new download link, click on it.

Apk Download 4

5. Now the file will be downloaded and saved to your default downloads location and you can now use it for your own purposes.

Apk Download 5


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