How to Dualboot Windows 8.1 with Linux Mint 17

This short video tutorial is for users who want to install Linux Mint 17 in dual boot with a Windows 8.1 system.

Before you begin make sure to complete the first 4 items:

1. To get started, log on to Windows 8.1 Right click ‘This PC’ and select ‘Manage’.

Dualboot windows 8 4

2. Next, select ‘Disk Management’ Make sure that your hard drive does not contain 4 partitions or more. If you do have 4 or more partitions do not continue for this tutorial might not work.

Dualboot windows 8 1

3. Right click C: drive and select Shrink Volume from the drop down menu.

Dualboot windows 8

4. Select the size in Megs you wish to reserve for the Linux Mint 17 installation. (create more than 10 Gigs for the Linux Mint installation)

Dualboot windows 8 3

5. Restart Windows 8.1 with the Linux Mint 17 on the disk drive.

6. Starting is going to ask you to press any key to boot from the CD or DVD press Enter key on your keyboard.

Dual Boot Windows and Fedora 2

7. The Linux Mint desktop will appear, here click on Install Linux Mint icon.

dual boot windows 8 1 linux mint 17

7. Select your language and install Linux Mint 17, (downloading updates is optional.)

dual boot windows 8 1 linux mint 17 2

8. Select install Linux Mint alongside Windows 8, Click Install Now.

dual boot windows 8 1 linux mint 17 3

9. Select your time zone, keyboard layout, Username and password and you are done.

Video Tutorial:


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2 Responses

  1. Krizia says:

    Hello, I’m trying to have Linux on my windows 8.1 laptop for a project I need to do for a class on Linux. I’ve followed your directions but I can’t seem to make all of the BIOS changes you made because they aren’t options on mine. Also, my laptop doesn’t have a cd/DVD player but I did download Linux mint from the Internet. Could you please help me?