How To Edit Hosts File in Windows 8

To Edit the Hosts file in Windows 8 I use a registry mod Called take ownership, it allows me to take ownership or full control of the HOSTS file or any file I wish to take control over just by right click. Enabling me to modify it.

Here is how to works:

1. Download the file from here. this is not an app or a software is ad registry mod.

2. Extract it. Once extracted you’ll find two Reg Mods. Install Take ownership and Remove take ownership.

3. Double click to run Install Take ownership. if prompted click yes to the (UAC). This will add a Take ownership to the right click context menu.

4. Locate the HOSTS file is located in the following location:


5. Right click the HOSTS file and click on Take Ownership from the right click context menu. if prompted click yes to the (UAC).

6. Now the HOSTS file is ready to be modified.

7. To remove Take Ownership from the rite click context menu just double click on Remove Take Ownership Registry mod and you are done.

Video Tutorial: