Enable PIN Login and Fingerprint in Windows 10

Many times, we see in our Windows 10 machines that PIN Login is greyed out and we can not add a PIN to unlock Windows 10 machines and left with the only password unlock. What if you forgot your password and don’t have an alternative way to unlock your machines.

With Password unlock now you can also setup fingerprint and PIN login on windows 10.

Pin Login is an alternative way to unlock Windows 10 machines and if the option is greyed out to add a PIN then you cant go ahead and unlock your machine with this method.

In this article, I will go step by step to enable this option and you can Add your PIN to unlock windows 10 machine.

For this option to work you must edit your registry, and if your machine is domain joined and the PIN unlock policy is implemented than your local AD admin can enable this option for you with a GPO.

Enable PIN Login and Fingerprint in Windows 10

For all other machines if the option is not working please follow the steps.

1. Press Windows +R key to open Run menu on your machines

2. Type “Regedit” and hit enter to open Registry Editor.

3. Go to the following registry key in the screenshot below.

4. Right-click the Options Window and create a 32-bit DWORD value like the below screenshot.

5. Then modify the newly created key.

6. Change the Value Data to “1” and click OK. Leave the Base “Hexadecimal”.

7. Now go to Start menu and click Settings >Click Sign-in options> Check the Option is available now.

8. Click Add PIN and provide your machine credentials.

9. Set your PIN and click OK.

10. A new “Windows Hello” wizard will open up. Click “Setup PIN” to continue.

11. On Additional Security Verification Window click Set it up now.

12. Select a device to verify your identity.

13. Provide your Phone number and click Next to answer the call. (Whatever method you have chosen)

14. Once you have verified a new window will open asking you to type in your pin again.

15. Once your PIN and alternative method of verification setup complete you can unlock your pc with a PIN.

16. You can all so add your FingerPrint to unlock your PC.

17. Click Add and Go to Get started.

18. Provide your PIN on the prompt and Swipe your finger.

19. Once done you can unlock your pc with the fingerprint scanner.


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