Erase your tracks, Protect your privacy

On more than one occasion I had to use a computer for shared use, for example in a hotel, to connect to my e-mail or write something in Twitter or Facebook. the problem?, Privacy and the trail that was left. that you don’t Know who manages or administer those Systems. it is true that at times is not bad to have some type of software that removes all trace of our actions and let the computer as if no one had used.

Square Privacy Cleaner is the vane of any CSI computer, a simple, free application that lets you delete all history and the traces left on a PC after use. With this application you can delete the list of open documents in a recent, clipboard, temporary files, etc. In addition, we remove our sign on the Internet, such as cookies, history and cache of web browsers most commonly used (Firefox, Explorer, Opera or Chrome), and the tracks left by other applications such as the history of WinRAR, that of WinZIP, Java cache folders or their logs and temporary files, history files from Microsoft Office or even the Windows Media Player.

Square Privacy Cleaner can also delete the index.dat files and other files that are blocked and they are only eliminated at the next reboot. During the cleaning process, the application attempts to close those processes that maintain temporary folders and temporary files that are being used, thus avoiding slow and tedious process requiring a reboot. Come on, a very interesting application to take with you when you travel and have to use a computer in the lobby of the hotel.

This free application NoVirusThanks is an interesting alternative to the known CCleaner or Ninja System, which is also available in portable format always ready to take on a USB flash drive to erase our steps when using a computer for public use or shared.


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